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Jeni Stallings-Scialabba

Fine Art and Encaustics


Hope, 36"x48,'"oil and encaustic on panel, Jeni Stallings© 2020.

Encaustic or "burning in," is an ancient Egyptian and Grecian painting method with beeswax. I've developed my own encaustic painting technique over the years that gives my work a dream like quality. I am inspired to narrate the natural world, social constructs and the world around me within these layers. I guess you could call me a storyteller who seals her thoughts and dreams in wax. 

I exhibit and have work at L Ross Gallery in Memphis, TN. I also have a studio in Atlanta, GA. Please check out the gallery in Memphis, or arrange a visit to my studio in Atlanta. I am often asked if I work on commission and the answer is YES. If you are inspired by one of my pieces that you need in a different size or new color scheme, I am up for the challenge. I love working in coordination with designers. While you are here, don't forget to sign up for my email list for studio tours. Join me on Instagram where I post my most recent work and video tutorials of my process. Thank you for you interest in my work

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