Involution, encaustic and oil on panel,

Involution,  36"x48," oil and encaustic on panel, Jeni Stallings© 1992.

Pay attention to the little things that reveal the whole. Recognize with witness because the world is small and full. When looking at a dandelion, I see an atom, the shape of the world, nature repeating itself over and over again, the golden mean, the flower of life. I use situations, figures, symbols to create sentiment and respect for nature and life. Beeswax gives my work a dream like quality. Through it's texture and process, I'm sealing my thoughts. Since 1994 I have been exhibiting my work both individually and collectively throughout the South. I create original encaustic and oil collage as well as works of commission from my studio in Atlanta, GA. My art is available for view and purchase across several galleries on a rotating basis. Explore the site to find links to these galleries, view all current collections, purchase prints and read behind-the-scenes musings.






All works are cleared art, Jeni Stallings©